• Polybutenes was first created in the Year 1954
  • Polybutenes possess an olefinic double bond at the end of each molecule.
    • Film,
    • Blending,
    • Seals,
    • Plastics Modification,
    • Packaging,
    • Sealants,
    • Packaging,
    • Cast Adhesives
  • The chemical formula for polybutenes is (C4H8)x

Maharashtra Polybutenes Ltd was formerly known as Herdillia Polymers Ltd. The company was formed in 1988 and has been manufacturing Polybutenes since 1994.

Maharashtra Polybutenes Ltd (MPL) brings you international quality ‘HERMAVIS’ polybutenes from its plant located in Navi Mumbai. The plant is based on technology from FINA TECHNOLOGY Inc, USA. The location of plant close to major consumers in and around Navi Mumbai makes it ideal for the users.

The plant can produce up to 9000 MTPA of various grades of polybutenes. MPL polybutenes are marketed under brand name of “HERMAVIS”.
HERMAVIS polybutenes are available in wide varieties of Viscosity and Molecular Weights. We also work in close co ordination with customers to meet their specific requirements.