Non-toxicity and high viscosity makes HERMAVIS useful in non-toxic formulations for agricultural applications.
HERMAVIS emulsions immobilize pests in viscous droplets, thus controlling pests by physical means without toxic chemical hazards.
HERMAVIS can be used to seal plant grafts. Emulsified, HERMAVIS helps reduce transpiration losses in plants, helps soil consolidation, and reduces soil erosion.
HERMAVIS serves as an ideal lubricant for hot and cold rolling, extrusion and drawing of metals. Since it volatilizes completely without leaving any residue, cleaning operations are not required before annealing. HERMAVIS can also be ideal carrier for solid lubricants like Graphite, MoS2 etc.   HERMAVIS softens leather and improves its water proofing behavior. The treated leather shows superior wear resistance. HERMAVIS impregnated leather makes ideal material for sports goods, shoe soles, bags, gear-shift knobs, etc.
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